Beyond the physical existence of two exceptional sites dedicated to equine health, Normandy Equin Valley is first and foremost an internationally renowned concentration of scientific skills. Normandy Equin Valley is therefore the guarantor of the Research/higher education/training/innovation continuum which is a crucial factor in the economic performance of a territory.


Every year the teams from Normandy Equin Valley’s sites undertake teaching missions and also seek to pass on knowledge to stakeholders in the equine sector in addition to the general public.
Training through research is provided for 2nd year Master’s degree students and doctoral students. CIRALE provides initial training for French veterinary students as well as further and specialised training for veterinarians.



> 5th year of veterinarian course – equine clinical studies option

Theoretical and practical teaching for veterinarian graduate students (5th year) who have chosen further professional training in equine clinical studies. The Goustranville site therefore hosts students from Alfort (EnvA), Nantes (Oniris) and most students from Toulouse (EnvT).


> Integrative biology and physiology Master’s degree – Preclinical experimentation course

The aims of the “Preclinical Experimentation Management (MEP)” Master’s degree are to provide students with all of the theoretical, technical and legal knowledge required in the field of preclinical experimentation as well as animal wellbeing, in association with management skills. This course also allows students to meet the regulatory standards in in vivo experimentation (planning level) and experimental surgery



DE Physiotherapy two years of studying with 6 modules (2.5 days). Cirale provides teaching leading to a diploma on diagnosis and management of equine locomotor conditions (including functional disorders and injuries). 

DE ADGALE (In-depth course in Diagnosis and Management of Equine Locomotor disorders) is based on clinical immersion for six months. This diploma is aimed at recently qualified veterinarians who wish to further their knowledge of the field of medical imaging and equine locomotor pathology


> Equine clinic internship. This internship is only available to holders of a recognised veterinarian diploma (DVM). Admission is via a national competitive examination organised by the four veterinary colleges. It corresponds to one year’s full-time study

> Locomotor pathology and physiotherapy/rehabilitation residency (DESV/ACVSMR). Cirale provides two residencies to study for the DESV (Specialised Veterinary Studies Diploma) in Equine Breeding and Pathology: Biomechanics and Pathology of the Musculoskeletal System. The residents also have the option of studying for the ACVSMR diploma (American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation). Obtaining these diplomas requires at least three years of intensive post-graduate training.


– short courses aimed at updating the knowledge and practices of practicing veterinarians

– essentially practical courses allowing participants to quickly acquire new techniques

– courses that allow participants to gain continuing learning credits


  • EPU Ultrasound injections
  • EPU Farriery
  • EPU Radiography
  • EPU Ultrasonographic diagnosis: distal limbs and tendons
  • EPU Ultrasonographic diagnosis: proximal limbs and spine


Providing a service to all of the equine sector, RESPE provides or assists online courses on equine health.